Future is e-Learning

Since the very beginning, CAMAS has always put a lot of effort in offering the best training solutions available. We first introduced videoconferencing in our training centres to enable more flexibility to our customers . Later, we introduced virtual classrooms that offered a multipoint connection so employees could simply connect to the course with their computer or tablet without the need of costly and dedicated hardware.
Then, we introduced the e-Learning. This new solution is now the best solution for companies that need more flexibility, plus it’s a very good way to reduce training time and training costs. With our unique tool developed to manage trainees and training certificates, you get a powerful solution at a very low cost.


A flexible solution for you and your employees. They learn at their own pace and you get their training certificates.


Get a powerful tool to train your employees, and reduce training time and training costs.


You get a customer account where you can monitor trainees, download certificates and more.


We do it ourselves

Because training people for the aviation and airport industry demands a very specific expertise, we made the choice to develop e-Learning courses internally. We think it’s the best way to make sure courses are always up to date and support is fast and reliable.

A dedicated platform

For our customers, we have developed a platform with the best features you can get. It’s easy, very quick and you can access it whenever you want, 24/7. You can manage your employees, assign courses, control results, download certificates and much more.

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