Our services

With a solid experience in airport training, CAMAS South Africa offers the best solutions for your business. Our experts cover areas of expertise such as airport safety and security, cargo, dangerous goods, ground operations, management, and much more. Our professionalism, integrity, and extensive backgrounds have served companies in many places all over the world, including airports opening. Our solutions are focused, flexible, and as simple as possible. This provides you impact, greater long-term success, and economic return.

Aviation security

Our consultant team advises airline and airport actors so they can get accreditations and can control and evaluate Civil Aviation security measures in regards to international, national or local regulations.
We carry out freight acceptance and ensure complete compliance with EU regulations. Our experts also establish the required documentation, write security and quality assurance programmes for air carriers, agents allowed into security restricted area or regulated supplier of in-flight supplies.
Our consultants also set up the specific status of known supplier of airport supplies in Europe.

A team of experts

Our company is staffed by dedicated airport professionals who are experts in their field and cover all ramp-handling services. Whatever their areas of expertise, our consultants always keep abreast of trends and practices leading to better performance and results. This is what your company could benefit from.

Our philosophy

Our drive to performance encourages us to adapt and adjust our expertise to your expectations and to your business. Our instructive and distinctive approach gives priority to case studies and an individual relationship, without any go-betweens. This is the core of an efficient knowledge, skills and experience transfer to your teams.

Our objectives

Our objectives are very clear to us: give you the key to long-term performance, guide you in every step by helping you choose what is best for your business, and make your teams completely independent and self-sufficient prior to the end of our actions.
Our objectives are also to:
• identify and define concrete ways of improvement and achieve development and growth
• conduct an efficient knowledge and skills transfer to your teams and ensure independance
• enable change to take place by a front-line communication

How it’s done?

> Prepare an audit plan with the person responsible within the company
> Draw up an audit assignment schedule
> Meeting with the people responsible for teambuilding activities

> Study:
• Preliminary approach to the activity
• Reviews of documentation
• Evaluation of the internal control system
• Evaluation of existing procedures
• How objectives are achieved
• Control of operations
• Reliability of data

• Auto inspection questionnaire
• Evaluation of achievements
• Evaluation of the various types of approach
• Analysis

• Strengths & weaknesses
• Points for improvement
• Training proposals

An audit report is always submitted to the company.

Reference document

The following data is part of a reference document issued for an airline company regarding ground operations.

The audit was undertaken in order to:
• Know the rules and regulations pertaining to the movement area
• Know the roles and tasks of the different people involved
• Know the duties and obligations of these people
• Submit a report
• Identify the different people involved
• Assess hazards and apply prevention
• Foresee arrival of the aircraft
• Manage ground-handling timing
• Manage departure of the aircraft
• Manage tasks once aircraft departed
• Assess knowledge and achievements
• Determine consequences of non-compliance with established procedures
• Control implementation of procedures put into effect by subcontractors
• Describe controls applied to subcontractors
• Appraisal and remedial actions
• Prepare corrective action planes
• Organise and prepare training
• Draw up training plan.

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